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What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping or non-stock sales is the name given to the sales method in which e-commerce or e-export people sell the products of other companies by using XML integrations. Companies working with the dropshipping method sell the relevant products without keeping stock and without any storage costs.

How to Do XML Integration?
Businesses that want to perform XML Integration must first meet and agree with XML Franchise companies. After the relevant agreements, your XML link with which you can perform XML Integration will be sent to you.

After receiving your XML Link;


Contact your e-commerce infrastructure provider and have your XML Link integrated into your site.
After the integration process, first transfer the category to transfer the products in the XML link to your site.
After the category transfer, transfer your brands and products.
After transferring your products, determine your profit margin for your products
  By completing these steps, you can adjust your Supplier XML Integration settings and add our products to your site and start selling them instantly via dropshipping method.

Dropshipping Delivery of products

1. Dealers who choose the store delivery method place an order for the products in the system, complete the payment by credit card or money order, pay in cash when they arrive at the store and receive the product.

2. Dealers who choose the delivery option by courier will create an order for their products in the system, complete the payment by credit card or money order, and then our company will send the product to the dealer with a counter payment via the contracted cargo company.

3. For the dealer's marketplace sales, he will create his orders in the system, complete the payment by credit card or money order, and deliver the marketplace order label to us. Our company will package the product with this label and send it to your customer with the cargo company specified on the label.

If you fill out and submit the form below and receive positive results from the review, your XML dealership will be created free of charge and you will be able to trade at dealer prices.

After filling out the form, be sure to contact our company's Communication Line at +905339629431 and inform us that you have filled out the form.

XML Reseller Fee: There is no XML reseller fee. However, at the beginning of the dealership, a prepayment of 10,000₺ (including 10% VAT) is taken from the dealers. The amount is defined as bonus points for your membership. You can spend up to 2500$ worth of money on your orders until your balance runs out. After your money points are exhausted, you can place new orders with a credit card. In cases of leaving the dealership or not making a sale, your down payment will be paid to you in the form of products at the dealer price, not in cash.

Tezcan Shoes XML Dealer Membership Form
Please click here to download the XML Reseller agreement that you will add when filling out the form.

After filling out the form, your membership will be active as soon as possible. Average time is 2 business days.

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