The story of two brothers, who had great excitement and desire on the production of handmade and genuine leather shoes from a young age in İzmir, from the 1950s to the present day.
The architects of our story, Mehmet Ali Tezcan, were born in 1945 and his brother Kadri Tezcan in 1948 as the children of a low-income family in Izmir, Turkey.

In order to support family budgets, they started to work as a shoemaker apprentice in a workshop in the İkiçeşmelik region of Konak district, a region where shoe production workshops were concentrated in İzmir in those years, right after their primary school education. Two young brothers, who have become masters in their own fields in a short time in shoe production with their hard work, curiosity and talents in shoe production, have become the sought-after duo of shoe production in Izmir.

Mehmet Ali Tezcan is a journeyman and Kadri Tezcan is a tradesman and the two brothers established Tezcan Shoes in Konak, Izmir in 1972 with all their experience and knowledge, by blending their mastery skills with their imaginations. In those years, almost all of the production of men's shoes in İzmir was called shoe shoes rather than classic shoes. For this reason, it is referred to as "shoe" in its commercial titles.

Tezcan Shoes entered the shoe market in 1972 by combining the best leather and materials with its experience in its own workshop. As a result, it has become a well-known and sought-after brand in the shoe industry, first in Izmir and then in Turkey, with its reputation from the past. Thanks to their passion for quality and production, our founders, Mr. Mehmet Ali and Mr. Kadri, have constantly visited international fairs and closely followed the shoe fashion in the world and introduced loafers / loafers and casual shoe models to the limited number of men's shoes product group especially in Turkey. has earned.


Tezcan Shoes, together with its own brand, produces for the leading shoe brands of Turkey and Europe with its 2000 m2 factory in Izmir.


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